An ongoing journal of memory and experience, based on the everyday... family, friendships, places known, spaces occupied, journeys remembered...revolving around the core of a pivotal love affair. Elements from this affair appear as recurring motifs, establishing the lexicon, which seeks to hold the journal together. All this is seen not in the context of specific time or place, but through the personal, unfixed gaze of dream and memory.
With an oblique, non-linear narrative, the work seeks to evoke through the selective memory of personal experience, a journey of the viewer's own.
"Prabuddha's pictures disorient the person looking at them. They attach themselves deeply to you while, simultaneously floating free of your conscious life and memories, refusing to become part of the documentary or circumstantial record. As evidence they are entirely unreliable and inadmissable. We are in the realm of dreams, and memories - exactly whose is never clear..."
Geoff Dyer, 2011